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Pelletized activated carbon from wood for solvent recovery

The product with appearance of black, is using high quality charcoal as its raw materials, and it is made by physically activating method, it is innoxious and tasteless, and with rich holes in it. It can effectively eliminate harmful substance in air and also be used for gas separation and refinement.
The product with appearance of black, is using high quality charcoal  as its raw materials, and it is made by physically activating method, it is  innoxious  and tast e less, and with rich holes in it. It can effectively eliminate harmful substance in air and also be used for gas  separation  and refinement.
Packing:    (1) 500kg/bag      2x500kg=1000kg/pallet
                 (2) 25kg/bag       40x25kg=1000kg/pallet
Test standard: 
GB/T7702-1997: Chinese national standard of granular activated carbon 
ASTM ( American Society For Testing and materials): American national standard
Remarks: product can be manufactured according to customer s demands.

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