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Granular activated carbon from wood for sugar

This series of activated carbon, having the character of large average diameter, can be used for the absorption of Macromolecule. For example: the discoloration of saccharine, maltose, dextrose and so on.
This series of activated  carbon hav ing  the characte r  of large average diameter,  can be  used for the absorption of Macromolecule . F or example: the discoloration of saccharine, maltose, dextrose and so on. 

Packing:    (1) 500kg/bag      2x500kg=1000kg/pallet
(2) 25kg/bag       40x25kg=1000kg/pallet
Test standard: 
GB/T7702-1997: Chinese national standard of granular activated carbon 
ASTM(American Society For Testing and materials): American national standard
Remarks: product can be manufactured according to customer s demands.

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